In the summer of 2017, I discovered a sci-fi audiodrama podcast called “The Strange Case of Starship Iris” and instantly adored it for its relatable characters, sharp writing, and compelling themes. I was gushing about it to a friend over dinner one evening–I used the phrase “improbably tailored to my specific narrative preferences”–and my friend told me: “You know, the creator of Starship Iris is actually an old friend of mine. You should message her!”

I did, we got along immediately, and I’m delighted to say that Jessica Best is now one of my closest friends. I’ve been fortunate enough to get more involved in Starship Iris’s production, including contributing several original merch designs to the Starship Iris store in March 2019.

Within the first two months, over 130 product units (including stickers, apparel, and home goods) were sold with my designs. You can purchase them here at TeePublic.

It’s been a joy and an honor to work with Jess and bring her creative vision to her very enthusiastic fans, and I look forward to many more collaborations in the future.