When I started at CGIS, each program was represented by a full-sheet, text-only flyer. The flyers were dense, difficult to read, and not easy for students to sort through or pick up.

Unfortunately, the programs available through the CGIS office change quite frequently, so there was no way to put out a permanent booklet that students could peruse. I had to find a solution that was modular, easy to browse by country or requirements, and eye-catching.

I went through each of the 80+ programs and redesigned the program cards to be quarter-sheet sized, with key information on the front and a brief write-up on the back. In addition, the finished cards were printed on 100#C weight paper with a hole punch in the corner, so students could easily collate the programs they were most interested in. At Michigan’s annual Global Education Fair, my office handed out ‘passports’ that I’d designed: snap-closure keychains with information cards to help students find programs relevant to their interests.